365 kg of life

Can activism be considered as art? Does one item that served for some utopian society or cause can be at the same time a work of art? Does one item that is not oriented towards art and does not struggle to explore more about her or about itself, can still be considered a work of art? Does these questions that the artist asks himself can be a work of art?

Tension of the void

The painters’ canvas is too stiff. I have a feeling that the stone is very cold; the wood warm; the iron sharp, and the video manipulative. These are just momentary bursts of emotions… What seems to be unconventional material, for a second year has been dragged, stretched, pulled, tightened up, all while admiring to every little fold created by two or more points. Lycra… or Spandex is the material that has allowed me with its stretching and tightening up, to present the pressure that can be felt throughout modern living.

Yes or No

Self-portrait expressive fabrication of the individual – from the internal emotional charge of Van Gog to Warhol’s series of the popular selfie.
Every YES or NO we utter changes something in us or around us. Every decision we make determines who we are, why we are, as a person, an individual in space and time. Postponing this choice we face every day stops the time.

Life as a balloon

“Life as a balloon” is a continuation of the artistic conception that began as an installation with the title “365kg of life”, and continues to complement and transform into different spaces through the showpieces called Bio-balloons. The installation maintains the discourse of activism and political art, which questions the power and the role of art and the artist in society.