Two Temporary, Prolightning

Prolightninig is a kind of Diogenes search for man, but also for the work of art that is more and more often hidden and replaced by smarter technologies. The exhibition invites man to get out of the atrophied state of virtual “presence” and seeks for his  active participation without which the work can not be detected in a dark environment. With the help of motion sensors the works are illuminated by showing the phrases they contain. The embedded phrases and thoughts give a picture of the current state of the internal relations between the artist-art and the work as well as the external factors; social system and recipients. Read more

The works create an ambience which can be experienced as a rebuttal system of phrases where certain conclusions can be drawn. They serve as a signpost through the physical space, awakening inward journeys.

This mutual interaction puts the observer’s state from passive, informed  user in and in expectation of  new updates (a state imposed by smart technologies – in this building may or may not) into an introspective and critical adventure. It also points to one of the key differences between the economic product and the work of art.

The basic elements of the works are the word / phrase and the light; two phenomena that are intertwined from the primordial beginning and through which we know both the physical and the metaphysical world.

Today more than ever, we are surrounded daily by the various uses of the word offered through light technological devices.

The exhibition sets interrogatives on the way of communication in a consumer society that constantly has to meet its marketing goals. Contemplation for about the sources through which man seeks knowledge about himself and what surrounds him. Indicates the differences in the changes in the perception of the two phenomena from which the work was created.

The light reveals, the word clarifies.

Undoubtedly, different interpretations of words bring different perceptions and perceptions of things in a new light.

The exhibition addresses the questions, answers and phrases that illuminate the dark labyrinths of modern life spiced with “latest” trends, patterns, happenings, habits and trends presented in words and more complex forms on various surfaces.

 Two Temporary

Under the name “Two Temporary” create two authors who have been creating independently for many years. This cooperation is the result of long  discussions about art, ie everything that is identified under that term in the past, the present and its possible future phenomena. The cooperation is temporary, like everything else … It is not conditional in time, it is not limited in space, it is physically present, temporarily …

Pero Kovancaliev was born in 1982 in Gevgelija, graduated in 2006 and received his master’s degree in 2018 at the Faculty of Fine Arts at UKIM Skopje, R.S. Macedonia. Works as an independent artist, sculptor, conservator-restorer and graphic design. He lives and works in Skopje.

Vasko Gjorgiev was born in 1983 in Gevgelija, he graduated from the faculty in 2009 in A.L.B.A. Genoa, Italy. Works as an independent artist, scenographer, sculptor and iconographer. He lives and works in Bitola.

They consider and explore the physical world versus the virtual and its role in art as well, as the possibility of the work of art being realized today. That is, its conditionality, role and possibility. And  the discourse on the most accepted truth today, the theory of relativity. “Proolightning” is their first  common project.

Two Temporary

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