Yes or No

Self-portrait expressive fabrication of the individual – from the internal emotional charge of Van Gog to Warhol’s series of the popular selfie  

Every YES or NO we utter changes something in us or around us. Every decision we make determines who we are, why we are, as a person, an individual in space and time. Postponing this choice we face every day stops the time. Read more


Here I present moments, images from the internal chaos of the individual’s mental state during crucial decisions which portray the internal emotional charge that deforms and twists the personality.   

The collision of the individual with the self and the social surrounding, an individual forced to choose daily, in the role of a consumer, labourer, professional, choosing a way of living and thus producing individual or collective sense. The sum of our daily YES or NO produces an identity. 

The self-portrait photography is multiplied with the use of serigraphy (screen printing) on spandex (Lycra) used in the textile industry, a material which has the quality to stretch. The material is stretched by hand on frames, a process that gives the opportunity to deform the existing in different ways.


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