Political lyricism (Cave drawings and objects)

A multidisciplinary artist whose creative work belongs to different fields of art, and the artistic forms of his visual expression are present through sculpture, graphics, kinetics, installation, digital media, such as video and photography. Read more

He easily passes from one medium or material to another, establishing a more effective connection with the idea (intention) and the outside world.Only as a whole, the four factors: space, time, form and intention, show consistency in the work, everything else is occasionally included or excluded.The political, social and environmental spheres are engaged in his work, where, with unobtrusive sensibility and allusion to the problem, he transforms social discourses into alternative visual forms.His main interest is in following the social changes, both local and global, where he translates his visual interpretation into a kind of commentary, which is in favor of the sustainable development of the environment, where man has the most important role.
With the plot about air pollution, where in most cases it is an anthropogenic process caused by human activities in the environment, which have a negative effect on the atmosphere, the artist as a recipient and filter through these social changes translates the theme and the idea that, not in words , but through the visual arts, and in this case the painting and the glass objects, has the power to actualize the themes that stand on the margins.
The works collected under the title “Political Lyricism”, mostly on a two-dimensional surface, created from smoke and paint, are abstract compositions with open and formal clarity, with noticeable brush movements such as dripping, sprinkling and spilled wide areas of paint. Throughout the process, the surface and paint are complemented by misty smoke, sometimes defining shapes and creating depths.Smoke, as an important artistic element, builds and complements the composition in the work itself on the same principle as the smoke from the incinerated waste creates the everyday life in our lives. Various materials of secondary importance, which carry specific characteristics, directed and shaped into an unusual and striking appearance,bring the idea to be more easily incorporated in the work.
He creates visuality where the classical idea is not reflected, the emphasis belongs to the matter that testifies to the event and the intention, he takes an appellate lyrical attitude, he gives a message, a voice that tries to reach the public air. Criticism is directed at the current passivity towards the visible problems we face and the inactivity of the institutions towards the indicated problems and the negligence of individuals that contribute to the apathetic state in which we find ourselves. Through the works, it opens space for asking questions and establishing dialogues, whether there will be an answer or not.
Through this combination and aesthetic visualization, the artist re-examines us and asks:
Should we accept pollution as something normal in our daily lives? Is the apathy of the individual in relation to the institution so great?
Are we used to carbon dioxide and various toxic gases being part of our “social image”? And is it possible for the presence of carbon dioxide to be a real lyrical creation in our daily lives, such as these abstract works?
Kovancaliev, through “Political Lyricism”, points out to consumerism and numerous sociological malformations, where the works, all together, are the result of the alarm of many organizations and individuals, who tirelessly speak about air pollution and poor condition in many cities across Europe. and the world, and especially in R.S. Macedonia.
The specific appearance, the recognizable approach, the fascinating researches and the original results are the characteristics of Pero Kovancaliev. His art, brought to refinement, radiates harmony, brings and experiences personal catharsis full of feelings and emotions. It is the result of the artist’s creative research so far in the search for new media and different forms of expression. Remarkably restrained, distant or near, silent or dynamic, the works carry a deep philosophical connotation, sending visual messages to the observer, awakening courage and experience, giving encouragement and motivation.
The overall incorporation of the idea, the concept and the result, the freedom and the virtuosity, usually characterize Kovancaliev’s works. He is an artist who gives exceptional importance to the aesthetics of the visual perfection of the work. With consistent production and constant confirmation of his artistic appearance, he confirms his place in the world of contemporary art. His works to the last consequence promote and define him as an established artist with subtle sensitivity, who exists with his autonomous creative territory, which introduces the audience to spaces, worlds and dimensions filled with a unique artistic aura.

Aleksandar Karakabakov

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